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Things to do, see, and enjoy when staying at the Pillow & Paddock Bed and Breakfast!

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As summer approaches, the people of Kentucky are gearing up for some exciting events that showcase their love for history, tradition, and culture. Among the most eagerly anticipated events are the Kentucky Renaissance Fair, the Central KY Celtic Festival & Highland Games, and the Fenrir Viking Festival. These festivals draw thousands of visitors every year and provide a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the customs and traditions of different historical periods.

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Front porch of the Artisan Distllery
Bourbon, the classic American whiskey, has been a popular choice among drinkers for centuries. With its rich and complex flavor, it's no wonder why it's a favorite of many. Recently, We had the opportunity to participate in a bourbon tasting at the Artisan Distillery in Oldham County, just outside Louisville, KY, and it was an experience that we will never forget.

When planning a wedding, one of the biggest decisions you'll make is where to house your guests. Many people opt for hotels, but have you considered a traditional bed and breakfast (B&B)? Here are some of the benefits of choosing a B&B for wedding party accommodations.

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Train on Main Street La Grange
If you're looking for a charming and historic small town to visit in Kentucky, look no further than Main Street La Grange. Located just 20 miles northeast of Louisville, Main Street La Grange offers a delightful mix of local businesses, restaurants, and historic sites that make for a perfect day trip. And a freight train runs right through it all, down the center of Main Street!

Louisville, Kentucky is home to some of the most famous horse racing events in the world, including the Kentucky Derby. However, not all horses that participate in these races are fortunate enough to enjoy a comfortable retirement. That's where racehorse sanctuaries come in – providing a safe and nurturing environment for retired racehorses to live out the rest of their lives.

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restaurant dining table waiting pouring wine
La Grange, KY, is overflowing with great restaurants. And some are definitely worth planning a trip to La Grange to savor. Historic Main Street La Grange is a great destination for dining out any time of day.